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5 Ways to Avoid Replacing Tile or Stone Flooring

Posted by Hammond Knoll on Jul 14, 2020 7:00:45 AM

How to avoid replacing tile or stone flooring

  1. Make repairs
  2. Install the floor properly
  3. Use correct cleaners
  4. Go green
  5. Use proper cleaning procedures

It is vital to your business that you keep your company clean. That is one of the first things that a potential customer notices. There could be trash in the corners, smudges on the wall or, worst of all, filthy and dull floors. You may be thinking there's no way your floors can come clean from years of neglect, but there are things you can do to ensure a clean floor without the hassle of replacing.

5 ways to avoid replacing tile or stone flooring


Here are 5 ways to avoid replacing tile or stone flooring in your place of business:


1. Make repairs.

It is much easier to repair those chips and cracks than to replace the whole tile. Chips and cracks can be filled in and even an uneven stone or tile can be embedded without it being replaced.


2. Install the floor properly. 

If your company is new or being built, making sure the flooring is done correctly will save you time and money. You wouldn't think proper installation connects with keeping your flooring clean, but it goes hand in hand. Making sure you have a qualified contractor that specializes in commercial flooring. Residential flooring is different than commercial. The materials used are different.

3. Use the correct cleaners. 

Because residential flooring is different than commercial flooring, different cleaners need to be used. Avoid using chemicals with acidic added in such as citrus. It will do more harm than good to a tile or stone floor. It will also strip off the natural finish of the stone leaving an unsightly look to it. Every stone is unique. Do some research before using any chemical and save you from future problems.

4. Go green. 

Remember the four R's. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Restore. Restoring instead of replacing requires fewer materials to be used. When your customers comment on how stunning your business looks, you can stand up straight and say that you're company is a green company.

5. Follow proper cleaning practices. 

Lastly and most importantly, proper cleaning is essential to keeping your floors with a lifetime of exquisite looks. It is recommended that you clean and maintain your floors regularly. Tile floors are cleaned differently than stone floors. If you're worried about your tile looking grimy and the grout stained, it can be cleaned. Remember, different types of floors require different types of cleaning. It is also recommended that your stone floor be damp mopped daily. Dust and dirt can cause etching to occur on your stone floor and dirt cannot hide like it can on carpet.

Stop tile and stone damage in its tracks

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