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The Pros and Cons of Luxury Vinyl Floors

Posted by Hammond Knoll on Dec 6, 2018 9:10:00 AM

Although fairly new to the flooring industry, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) flooring is quickly becoming the go-to option for homeowners.

Luxury vinyl floors are awesome. They’re warmer than tile, softer than hardwood and as durable as all get out.

But they do have one considerable disadvantage.

LVT is a dirt collector extraordinaire.

The downside

There are three main reasons that luxury vinyl tile flooring collects dirt like it’s 1999:

  1. It's groovy: A majority of LVT on the market has ripples or grooves, which are excellent dirt traps.

  2. What you can't see: LVT is mostly sold in dark wood colors, distressed style or multi-color planks – options that camouflage dirt. And what you don’t see, you won’t clean!

  3. Spotty: When you spill a liquid on the floor, it quickly forms an unsightly ring. When you wipe the area clean, it then appears “cleaner” than the rest of the floor – ultimately leaving the spot to stand out like a sore thumb.

No matter how much time you spend sweeping, mopping or using a Swiffer dust mop, you won’t make much progress lifting the embedded soil from off of the floor.

We hear complaints like this every day from our customers.

They say things like, “If I run a clean towel over the floor immediately after mopping it, I still find dirt on the floor. The towel will have ugly brown dirt and dust all over it!"

The reality is, no floor is perfect. And luxury vinyl tile flooring has a lot more pros than cons

The good news? You CAN get LVT clean.

Cleaning LVT

You should hire an expert to professionally steam clean your luxury vinyl tile flooring. 

A pro should know that all LVT floors are not the same and should be familiar with manufacturer warranties and requirements prior to cleaning.

Most LVT floors are cleaned with a neutral cleaning solution with a pH as close to 7 as possible, a light brush and vet/vac system or cleaned using a thermal extraction roto-vac process.

Final Thoughts

LVT floors can be tricky to clean, but they’re worth the effort.

With the right equipment and experienced technicians on hand, homeowners with luxury vinyl floors can experience a beautiful, healthy, clean surface once again.


Have you had a negative or positive experience with keeping your luxury vinyl floors clean?

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