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Sofa, Loveseat and Chair Furniture Cleaning

Posted by Hammond Knoll on May 11, 2018 12:48:29 PM

How much will it cost to clean my sectional, sofa, love seat, chair, ottoman, dining chair, cushions (whew that's a long list), the most commonly asked questions is: is it worth it?


Understandably, most of our clients are trying to work within a budget or determine if replacement or cleaning are the right decision for them.

Sounds like it should be pretty straightforward doesn't it? It is fairly simple, there are a couple of variables when pricing upholstery cleaning.

Let's see if we can get you the answers by narrowing down a few specifics. By determining what kind of furniture or upholstery you have and addressing the concerns without putting you to sleep.


So, here are a few of the things we have to think about when pricing furniture cleaning services; like is it a synthetic, cotton, or silk fiber, does it require a water process or a more delicate dry cleaning process? Has it been damaged by pet urine, mold, mildew or smoke damage? Are the colors safe or will they color run during the cleaning process, causing damage to the fabric?

Stay with us, we will make it as simple as possible:


Is there a fabric that cannot be cleaned? Absolutely, positively without a doubt all types of fabrics can be cleaned, however once we determine the clean-ability and by understanding your expectations with the finished product, we will be as transparent as possible giving you the opportunity to make a decision based on if it is the right step for you and your beloved furniture.

Literally tons of furniture-Despite the variables for furniture cleaning costs, HammondKnoll's years and years of experience combined with the "tons" of furniture cleaned (yes, you read that correctly 79+ years of cleaning furniture = tons) gives us the ability to “ballpark” some basic costs.

When calculating furniture cleaning costs there are two factors 1-fabric type and 2-length or size of the piece.

Keep in mind the cost includes *pick-up and delivery or the cost of cleaning it in your home, if you bring the item into our facility you save *20% off the cleaning price.

Sofa/Love seat/Sectional:

Flat weave / napped fabrics: typically is made of a synthetic fiber, has a bumpy texture and feels like plastic (a soft plastic that is)

$24 per linear foot (that is the length of the sofa from outer arm to outer arm)

If your sofa measures 7' (standard size)

7 x $24 = $168 with pick up and delivery, if you bring it to our facility you save $33

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 Napped fabric example:



Velvet, microfiber, corduroy and cotton: velvet, coduroy and microfiber look a lot like your Grandparents "velour" suit, it has a nap that can appear lighter or darker as you wipe your hand across it. Cotton unlike a synthetic fiber has a soft texture to the touch.

$31 per linear foot

If your love-seat measures 5' (standard size)

5 x $31 = $155 (includes *pick-up and delivery or in-home cleaning, save 20% when brought to the shop).

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Velvet fiber:

velvet sofa


Cotton sofa:

cotton sofa

Custom fabric, silk, rayon, hand painted - silk, rayon and hand-painted fabrics require cleaning in our facility as they are delicate and need special attention by one of our fabric specialists.

$39 per linear foot

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Silk sofa:


silk furniture


Hand painted fabric:


hand painted


Swivel, wing back or recliner chair cleaning-the ball park pricing below depends on the size and fabric of the chair.

$108-170 each

The chair below would be $125 for the cleaning

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Dining or desk chair-the ball park pricing below depends on the size and fabric of the chair

Seat Only $23-$43 ea

Seat & Back $28-$73 ea

 These dining room chairs would be $73 each

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Ottomans-the ball park pricing below depends on the size and fabric of the ottoman

Small $28-39

Medium $39-62

Large $62-107

The ottoman below would cost $55

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Cushions-the ball park pricing below depends on the size and fabric of the cushions

Small (pillows) $14-23

Medium $39-$62

Large $51-$141

This cushion would be $39 for the cleaning

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Extra Services:

Teflon Fabric Protection

Cushion/Ottomans $10-$150 ($150 for 7' and 8' cushions)

6' Love Seat starting at $72

7' Sofa starting at $82


45% of the cost of cleaning

Anti Allergen

45% of the cost of cleaning

Do you have leather?  For more information and pricing on leather click here

Whew we covered a lot of stuff, still have questions?  No worries, we pride ourselves on having the answers.

Call one of our experts 844-208-0288 or request a quote by clicking the link below.

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