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1 Way to Save Money on Your Commercial Floor Cleaning

Posted by Hammond Knoll on Aug 28, 2018 7:05:00 AM

We understand that being in business is tough.

But making a profit is even tougher.

What if we told you there is a way to:

  • Make your job easier.
  • Cut costs on floor cleaning.
  • Make your business shine all year around.

In just 1 simple step.

Would you be interested? Read on to find out the secret.

Proper Maintenance

That’s it!

Proper maintenance will help you save money on your commercial floor cleaning  – and more!

And while this may be just one step, there are a few important factors that go into making sure your carpet, tile, upholstery and/or vinyl are maintained to reap the benefits of making your job easier, cutting cost and providing a shiny floor year-round.

Many businesses believe that maintaining their floors through janitorial services will keep the floors looking good for years and years.

While this is a valuable service, after 79 years cleaning and restoring floors, we’ve found it’s not the best way to maintain floors or cut costs. (We’re not picking on them; they have their areas of expertise.)

The risks of foregoing maintenance

Improper cleaning methods or not following the manufacturer's warranty requirements lead to dire consequences, like:

  • Having to pay expensive restoration cleaning.
  • Void warranties.
  • Having to pay for replacement costs.

What a proper maintenance routine looks like

If you want to avoid these unnecessary costs and risks, here’s what you need to know:

  • Proper cleaning methods. There are quite a few different cleaning methods that can be used on all types of floors (like carpet, tile and vinyl). When the improper method is used, it can cause damage to the floor, or the floor to get dirtier faster or wear down in heavily trafficked areas (so its appearance looks matted and dirty).  The correct cleaning method will prolong the life of the floor, keep the floor clean longer and stay within the guidelines of warranties.
  • Length of time between cleanings. As opposed to what most business owners or building managers believe, it’s not time to get the floor cleaned when it looks dirty. Being proactive is much better way to go. Routinely removing embedded soiling from the floor will keep wear and tear to a minimum, especially in highly traveled areas. The bonus for maintenance cleaning is that the appearance of the floor always looks clean and makes the business look polished.
  • Professional company vs. a non-reputable company. Trusting the right professional to care for your floor is the #1 factor to keep in mind. How do you find a trustworthy expert? ¥our favorite floor covering store will refer you to one that has amazing reviews (the ideal is a score of 4.8 or higher) and the experience factor. (Remember: Just because a business is a franchise, doesn’t mean it has experienced technicians.) The commercial flooring vendor should also be in business for a long time. Longevity is always a sign of satisfied, repeat customers fueling the business.

These factors make up the correct maintenance plan you should be following.

A customized plan matters

Your commercial flooring vendor should create a customized plan for your business, based on questions such as:

  • How much traffic does the floor get on a daily basis? 
  • What are your expectations?  
  • What is your budget?  
  • How frequently should the floor be cleaned to make it sparkle year-round?

Investing your time and resources into a monthly maintenance plan will provide peace of mind, make your job easier, and create beautiful flooring year-round. And perhaps the best perk of all: You’ll be spared the experience of “sticker shock” from facing restoration or replacement costs.  

Investing in the maintenance of your commercial flooring makes sense and it saves you money.

Do you have stories to share from the lessons you’ve learned by NOT maintaining your floors?

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