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Pug Roundup of the Funniest, Cutest Pugs on the Web

Posted by Hammond Knoll on Feb 14, 2020 10:00:00 AM

If you’re a fan of pugs, you’re in for a real treat.

We’ve got a pug roundup you’ll want to bookmark to return to when you’re having a bad day and need a dose of humor – or sweetness.

From the funny things pugs “say” in memes, to the way they look when they’re doing “people things,” and the best pug gifs around, get ready to laugh.

And because we’re suckers for these little creatures, we added a section that’s purely about cuteness. You’re welcome.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the best pugs on the internet.

Pugs say the funniest things

Some of the best pug memes and gifs have pugs saying ridiculously funny things.

Here are our top five memes of pugs saying the funniest things.

1. Attack of the vacuum

pug vacuum

Have you ever thought about what your dog is thinking when you pull out the big, loud machine that runs all over HIS turf? 

This could very well be true. 😂After all, he just wants to protect you.

2. Who’s a good boy?

What if I never find out who’s a good boy? pug

You know you talk to your pooch in that high-pitched puppy voice and repeatedly ask him, “Who’s a good boy?” 

But do you ever tell him it’s HIM?

3. The Pug Life

I didn’t choose the pug life, the pug life chose me

This poor doggo had no choice. Look at that gold chain – the pug life chose him.

4. Someone grab a plunger

Sorry, I pugged the toilet pug

Stuff happens. And he said he was sorry. He’s still a good boy.

5. Keep smiling, doggo

Just keep smiling, maybe they won’t notice the mess pug

Of course, you’ll be so caught up in those sweet, bulgy eyes that you won’t notice the chewed up shoe. Or the food she somehow wrangled out of the trash can. Or the surprise on the steps.

Yep, just keep smiling.

Pugs doing people things

Not much is funnier than pugs doing people things. 

Here’s a round-up of five of the funniest people-pugs EVER.

1. Netflix and chill

Netflix and chill

The robe, the wine, the laptop playing Netflix. This good boy is ready for a comfy night in.

2. There’s no place like home

Dorothy pug

Honestly, as cute as this is, this poor pooch is probably mortified and hoping his pug friends don’t catch wind of his turn as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.

3. The thinker

pug with hat and pipe

There are any number of things that this guy could be pondering.

Does this hat make me look fat?

Why isn’t my pipe lit?

Is the horse I bet on going to win it all?

Why did my trusted owner betray me by putting me in this get-up and taking my picture?

4. Oh, Karen

lumberjack pug

Come on, Karen. Pugs can’t chop down trees and you know it.

5. Cinco de Mayo

Mexican pug

She doesn’t look too interested in shaking her maracas, but she does look adorable.

(The glasses may be the best part of this poor pug’s ensemble.)

Cutest of the cute

There’s no denying that some of the pug memes out there are just plain C-U-T-E.

They’re a testament to just how sweet this breed really is.

Check out these delicious little schmoopies.

1. Delightful car companion

Are we there yet? pug

Look at those eyes. That face. Gah!

2. Well-played

I’m cute. Just try and tell me no.

Yes. Yes, you are.

And there’s no way anyone could deny you all the treats. You win, little pug. 

3. What’s better than one pug?

a bucket of pugs

That’s correct. THREE pugs. In a bucket.

4. Rub-a-dub-dub

cute pug in a tub

A sudsy pugsy is cuteness overload. You’re powerless against it.

5. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle

cute pug

It takes no time at all for this adorable pup to wiggle her way right into your heart. Seriously.

Best pug gifs

There are some really great pug gifs so we thought they warranted their own category.


1. Say what?!

funny pug gif

We didn’t save the best for last. This is the BEST pug gif. You’re welcome.

2. Ready for a close-up

close-up pug gif

This guy may not know what’s going on. But we do. And it’s hilarious.

3. PDA 

kissing pugs gif

Nobody minds seeing this kind of PDA.

It’s the cutest Pug-lick Display of Affection ever. (See what we did there?)

4. What, now?

pug gif

Maybe mom said no more treats. Or dad said it’s bath time.

Whatever it is, these little buddies are clearly confused about something.

5. Pugs on the run

running pugs gif

When all is said and done, everyone enjoys the pure bliss of pugs frolicking in the grass.

Look at those happy little faces.

The joy of pugs

Whether it’s in the form of a gif, meme, or just an adorable picture, pugs use their unique charm to add joy to the world.

Their smooshy faces and curly tails can give us a laugh and make us “ooh” and “ahh” over their delicious cuteness.

And when your precious pug prince or princess has an accident or makes a mess, your friends at HammondKnoll are here for you.

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