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3 Ways Hiring a Professional Floor Cleaning Company Can Improve Your Mood

Posted by Hammond Knoll on Apr 18, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Feeling moody lately?

Could it be because you’re overwhelmed, unmotivated, tired and buried under endless tasks on your checklist?


How about we turn that frown upside down?



Life gets hectic.

You’re a worker bee, a shuttle driver for the littles, a grocery-shopping and bill-paying expert, and let’s not forget about the yard work and laundry that need to be done.

Then there’s the “underlying” stress that’s building because your home is in a bit of disarray.

The truth is that a messy home causes mental strain.

You might not even be aware of it when you see dirty carpet, a messy garage or the pantry that is overstocked with cans from 10 years ago.

You roll your eyes and think, “I’ve really got to call in a professional floor cleaning company or spend a day purging.”

Then you move to your next task and push it somewhere back in your mind.

This type of stress piles up on top of other issues until you finally – KABOOM!

This is where the turn-your-frown-upside-down part comes in.

A CLEAN home is a stress reducer. It’s a mood booster. It makes you happy and – most importantly – HEALTHY.

Here are a few tips to get started.

1. Declutter and organize

Put this task on your daily to-do list.

If you can do 10 minutes a day, great. If not, one or two days a week is fine.

Regardless of how often you tackle this project, your efforts will add up.

Start with the easiest space – maybe a drawer or two – and move toward the most difficult.  

If you’re struggling with where to start or feeling anxious about the job, you can always get help from a professional.

2. Rearrange your room, cabinets and closets

Doing so will force you to get rid of the things you don’t need or want any longer, leaving you cleared out and carefree.

Give yourself a big pat on the back. It’s hard to purge!

3. Clean carpet, upholstery and tile

Cleaning these areas throughout your home will boost your “clean” mood and create a healthy environment (Yeah!), and reduce household allergens as well as get rid of those pesky dust mites.

Consider this:

Replacing your flooring is expensive.

Professional floor cleaners can make sure the job is done correctly and prevent any damage.

They can handle much more than carpets, too. The pros can also clean your:

  • Area and Oriental rugs.

  • Tile.

  • Grout.

  • Furniture and upholstery – including leather.

Call in a professional rug, tile or carpet cleaning company

You have to start somewhere – even if it’s small.

The improvements will soon be noticed by family members. Heck, maybe they’ll join the “clean” party.  

We get it – your schedule is full and following these 3 tips can be easier said than done.

Calling in a professional floor cleaning company can fill the gap between the reality of what your home looks like and what you WANT it to look like, in terms of cleanliness.

Your stress level will be reduced and you can focus on the important stuff, like spending time with your loved ones.

Now doesn’t that turn your frown upside down?

What’s your most recent mood-boosting cleaning moment? Bring it on!


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