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Guide to Oriental Rug Cleaning Cost

Posted by Hammond Knoll on Jun 22, 2020 9:00:00 AM

How much does Oriental rug cleaning cost?

Oriental rug cleaning cost is determined by the size of your rug and what material it’s made of. The prices will range between $1.64 and $7.12/square foot.

Do you have a beautiful Oriental rug in your home that you love to show off?

If you do, then it only makes sense to protect your investment by properly maintaining your rug so that it lasts a long time and always looks like the showpiece you want it to be.

But you don’t have to go into it blindly. We’ve narrowed down some Oriental rug cleaning cost details to give you a head’s up about what you’ll spend.

Here’s what you need to know.

How to calculate Oriental rug cleaning cost

Is there a formula for calculating Oriental rug cleaning cost?

The formula for calculating Oriental rug cleaning cost is to multiply the rug’s length by its width, then multiplying that number by the cost-per-square-foot.

There’s a standard formula to determine the cost of cleaning an Oriental rug and it’s based on the size of the rug, measured in square feet.

To find the size of your Oriental rug, multiply the width of the rug by its length. The result is your rug’s square footage.

Note: If your Oriental rug has tassels or fringe, include them in the length measurements.

So, if your Oriental rug is 5 feet wide and 8 feet long, it is 40 square feet.

Once you know the size of your rug in square feet, multiply the number of square feet by the price (also per square foot).

For our example, if the cleaning cost per square foot is $1.55, the total cost would be $62.

Keep in mind that the material your rug is made of  – or even how it’s made – will affect the price.

Let’s look at some different materials and the specific Oriental rug cleaning cost associated with each.

Oriental rug cleaning costs by material

  1. Synthetic Oriental rug= $2.69/square foot
  2. Machine-made wool Oriental rug= $3.55/square foot
  3. Handmade wool Oriental rug= $4.16/square foot

1. Cleaning cost for synthetic Oriental rugs

A synthetic Oriental rug will most likely be made from nylon, polypropylene and olefin.

They’re known for feeling a little more rough and plastic-y than other types of Oriental rugs.

Synthetic Oriental rugs may have tassels, fringe, or they may be serged or have bound edges.

You’ll pay approximately $2.69 per square foot to have your synthetic Oriental rug cleaned.

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2. Machine-made wool Oriental rug cleaning cost

A wool Oriental rug will be softer to the touch than a synthetic one.

There are two types of wool Oriental rugs: machine-made and handmade.

It costs about $3.55 per square foot to clean this type of rug.

3. Cost for cleaning handmade wool Oriental rugs

There’s a wide variety of hand-tied (aka handmade) rugs that come from all over the world.

We most commonly see Persian, Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, Romanian, Bokhara, Moroccan and Flokatis.

Handmade or hand-tied rugs are typically purchased from Selden's Home Furnishings, an actual antique rug dealer.

Quite often, they’re inherited or passed down from generation to generation. Handmade rugs last for many years when properly cared for.

They also come in different types of thicknesses and densities.

Below is an image of a traditional Chinese rug. Note that this rug has a thicker pile.

traditional Chinese rug

This is an antique Chinese rug with a lower pile than the traditional Chinese rug.

antique Chinese rug with low pile

The most common rugs we see are the Bokharas. Here’s an example:

Bokhara rug

A Flokati is a Greek woven, woolen rug with a thick, loose pile.

Flokati rug

The cost to clean a hand-tied or handmade rug is about $4.16 per square foot.

Oriental rug cleaning cost for additional services

Additional Oriental rug cleaning cost by service

  1. Cleaning your rug pad= $.81/square foot
  2. Teflon shield= $.57/square foot
  3. Allergy protection= $.58/square foot
  4. Treatment for wool Oriental rug= $1.16/square foot
  5. Deodorization= $.81/square foot
  6. Disinfectant/antimicrobial treatment= $2.36/square foot

A good cleaning isn’t the only way to take care of your prized Oriental rugs.

There are some other services that can help to prolong the life of your rug, keep it looking nice and prevent it from breeding germs and allergens.

Here’s what else you should consider for your Oriental rug – and how much they will cost.  

1. Cleaning your rug pad

Many people don’t even think about the cleanliness of the pad underneath their Oriental rug.

It’s covered up, right?

Actually, your rug pad can be subject to damage from pet urine and feces, spills, and anything else that affects your Oriental rug.

So, yes, they need to be cleaned, too.

If the pad under your rug is a brand like No Muv, DownUnder or Durahold, it can safely be cleaned. (Also, any pad you bought through HammondKnoll will most likely be able to be cleaned, as well!)

The cost for cleaning your rug pad is approximately $.81/square foot.

2. Teflon shield

No, it isn’t just for your pots and pans. 

Teflon protection for your Oriental rugs means dirt won’t stick and it’ll be much easier to get rid of stains.

You’ll pay about $.57/square foot for Teflon protection.

3. Allergy protection

Whether it’s pet dander, dust mites or another kind of allergen, you don’t want these collecting in your Oriental rug.



Luckily, you have the option to have your rug treated to protect against these formidable, sneeze-inducing foes.

It’ll cost you $.58/square foot for an allergen treatment on your Oriental rug.

4. Treatment for wool

Moths like to eat wool. It’s gross but true.

But, you can protect your Oriental rug from this fate.

A wool treatment costs $1.16/square foot.

5. Deodorization

Unfortunately, your rug can act like a sponge for odors.

Whether it’s mildew, a cooking disaster or a pet accident, you want to get it taken care of. 

And you can – as long as the smell is slight.

Topical deodorization will cost you $.81/square foot.

6. Disinfectant/antimicrobial treatment

If the smell is bigger, the remedy needs to be tougher, too.

While this treatment will take around two weeks to complete, it’s worth every penny to save your Oriental rug and make it bad-odor-free again.

You have a few options if you go this route.

  • A standard antimicrobial disinfectant treatment costs $2.36/square foot.
  • You can have your Oriental rug wrapped in paper for $.45/square foot. (This is for a situation in which you need to store your rug for a time.)
  • Extreme odors like smoke may require an ozone treatment, which you’ll need a custom estimate for.

Let the experts handle your Oriental rug cleaning

Your best bet is always to take good care of your Oriental rugs instead of having to shell out more money to replace them.

So, why not put in the effort to maintain them properly so you can enjoy your investment for a long time to come?

Find out what your Oriental rugs are made of, pull out your tape measure and determine the size and then get in touch with trusted experts who know exactly how to handle the job.

Speaking of Oriental rug-cleaning experts, we’ve got some great reviews on Google, Yelp and Facebook.

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