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How much will it cost to clean my area or oriental rug?

Posted by Hammond Knoll on Jul 31, 2017 7:01:00 AM


silk rug

Everyday we are asked by our customers, "how much to clean my rug, and can you solve my problem?"

Understandably, most of our clients are trying to work within a budget or determine if replacement or cleaning are the right decision for them.

Sounds like it should be pretty straightforward doesn't it? It is a bit more challenging than that, as there are many different variables when dealing with rugs.

Let's see if we can get you the answers by narrowing down a few specifics. By determining what kind of rug you have and addressing the concerns without putting you to sleep.

So, here are a few of the things we have to think about when pricing area or oriental rug cleaning services; like is it a synthetic, wool, or silk fiber, is it a machine-made or a hand-tied rug? Has it been damaged by pet urine, moth infestation, mold, mildew or smoke damage? Are the colors safe or will they color run during the cleaning process, causing damage to the rug?

Stay with us, we will make it as simple as possible:




Are there any area rugs that cannot be cleaned?  Absolutely, positively without a doubt all types of rugs can be cleaned, however once we determine the clean-ability and by understanding your expectations with the finished product, we will be as transparent as possible giving you the opportunity to make a decision based on if it is the right step for you and your beloved rug.

MILLIONS OF RUGS-Despite the variables for rug cleaning costs, HammondKnoll's years and years of experience combined with the millions of rugs cleaned (yes, you read that correctly 78+ years of cleaning rugs = millions) gives us the ability to “ballpark” some basic costs.

Math lesson-when calculating rug cleaning, we base cleaning and additional services for the rug on square footage.

Example to get square footage take the length x width = square feet

Let's say you have a 4 feet x 6 feet rug that is 24 square feet

You then take the 24 square feet x the square footage price

4' x 6' = 24 square feet then take 24 square feet x $1.56 cost of cleaning = $37.44

Keep in mind we do round inches up or down so these prices may change slightly.

Hints-before reading each of the following descriptions, look at the back (typically on a corner) of your rug for a tag specifying the fiber content. Often times the sizes are also included on the tag.

If you already know the type of rug or are lucky enough to have a tag saying so on the back here are the prices per square foot for cleaning, otherwise keep reading your answer is coming.

Domestic Rug/Carpet $1.56 per square foot

Synthetic Area Rug $2.56 per square foot

Machine Made Wool Rug $3.38 per square foot

Hand Made Wool Rugs $3.96 per square foot

Hand Washing-Specialty Rugs, Tapestries & Hides $6.78 per square foot

We have pricing for additional services and costs that are included towards the bottom of the page.


Let's break down the different fibers, styles and types of rugs:


Domestic Rugs/Carpets - to simplify a piece of regular carpet with binding or as some call it edging. Carpet fibers containing nylon, polypropylene aka olefin, triexta, polyester would fall under this category.



carpet with binding

Cost for a domestic carpet area rug $1.56 per square foot

Pricing example: A rug that was purchased from a local carpet store that had a binding or edging attached to the sides and ends of the carpet, the rug measured as a 5'-7" x 8'-2" the rug had general soiling 44 square feet x 1.56 s/f = $68.64


Synthetic Area Rugs - These will typically have a pattern and be multi- colored. They are typicallly made with the following fibers Olefin, Polypropolene and Nylon. These are sold at many major retailers such at Home Depot, Lowe's, JcPenney's, Wayfair to name a few well known stores. Synthetic rugs can have a "plastic" or "course" feel.


These rugs come either bound, serged or will have a fringe or "tassles" on each end as shown on the rug below:



Cost for a synthetic area rug $2.56 per square foot

Pricing example-an Olefin rug with fringes on the end with moderate soiling that measures 3'6" x 5'2" (always measure to the ends of the fringe) $44.80.


Machine Made Wool Rugs - Some popular names Wiltons, Braided, Hook Rugs, Karastan, Couristan and Hand Tufted. These rugs as well as other machine made wool rugs are typically purchased from Macy's, Pottery Barn, Pier One Imports, and IKEA. Wool has a soft feel, the feel is not quite as soft as cotton or silk and typically the fibers are a bit thicker than a synthetic rug. Below is an image of one of the most popular rugs we see the Panel Kirman design by Karastan.



Below is an image of a hand-tufted wool rug, note the cotton backing, which is almost always found on the back of the rug.



Cost for machine-made wool rugs $3.38 per square foot

Pricing example: a machine made wool rug with or without fringe with heavy soiling 8'8" x 12' = $344.76

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Handmade Wool Rugs - There are many, many different hand-tied aka handmade rugs that come from all over the world. These are the most common rugs we see Persian, Chinese, Indian, Pakistani, Romanian, Bokahara, Moroccan & Flokattis Handmade or hand-tied rugs are typically purchased from Selden's Home Furnishings, an actual antique rug dealer or quite often they are inherited or passed down from generation to generation. Hand-tied/made rugs last for many years when taken properly cared for. Hand-tied/made rugs come in all different types of thicknesses and densities.

Below is an image of a traditional Chinese rug -this rug will have a thicker pile


chines new

This is an antique Chinese rug-this rug has a lower pile than the traditional Chinese rug


chinese old

The most common rug we see are the Bokahara's such as this example:



A Flokatti is a Greek woven woolen rug with a thick loose pile




Cost for a hand-tied or handmade rug $3.96 per square foot

Pricing example: a hand-tied rug with moderate soil and stains 6'1"x 9'2" = $213.84

Last but certainly not least:

Specialty rugs-to include tapestries, faux silk, viscose, silk rugs, Kilem's, animal skins, camel bags (that's right we have seen many, many over the years)

A tapestry is typically used as a wall-hanging, here are two examples of tapestry wall hangings:




tapestry 2

Silk rugs- are rare and expensive , however we do see them many times a month. The fiber of silk rugs are shiny and very soft to the touch (think about a silk blouse or tie).




Just for fun a camel back saddle




Costs for hand-washed specialty rugs $6.78 per square foot

Pricing example-A delicate wall hanging with light soiling 2'6" x 2'6" = $42.37


Additional Services

It's important to routinely have your rug cleaned to prolong the life of the rug by removing dust, dirt and soiling that can break down the fibers over time, not to mention the health benefits of removing dust mites and dust that can cause allergies as well as supplying a sanitary area for pets and children.

Many times a "problem" is a motivating factor to cause a rug to need cleaning. . The top five stains we see are; pet urine, pet feces, wine spills, coffee stains and cat vomit. 

In addition to cleaning, we have included additional services which are optional or a suggestion based on a case by case basis:

pad image.jpg

Pad Cleaning-some pads are able to be cleaned such as Durahold, Down under & No Muv (if you purchased your pad through HammondKnoll the chances that your pad can be cleaned are very high)

Pad Cleaning - $.77 cents per square foot


Teflon Protection-is an application applied to a clean rug, the repellent characteristic of Teflon™ Advanced keeps dirt from sticking to the fibers, making carpets easier to care for, stains easier to remove and the clean ability of the rug the next time around makes a dramatic difference for stubborn stains.

Teflon Protection - $.55 cents per square foot

anti allergen.jpg

Anti-Allergen Treatment-Anti-Allergen treatment takes care of dust mites, pet dander, and other allergens in rugs (can also be used for upholstery, mattresses and carpet).

Anti-Allergen-$.55 cents per square foot

Wool/Treatment-is an application that can be applied after the cleaning of a rug, that may come in contact with moths. The treatment can repels any moths or larva from penetrating the fiber.

Wool/Treatment-$1.10 per square foot


Topical Deodorization-some rugs may have a light odor such as cooking odors, pet dander, a rug that has a very, very light pet urine odor or a very slight mildew odor. If it is a slight smell then topical deodorization will most likely take care of the issue.

Topical Deodorization - $.77 cents per square foot

Anti-Microbial/Disinfectant - mainly used for heavy odors such as pet urine, smoke odors, skunk or any other pungent odor. If the odor knocks your socks off it's time to use this process (turn around time is two weeks to include the cleaning process as well).

Anti-Microbial/Disinfectant-$2.25 per square foot

Wrapping in paper - $.44 cents per square foot

Ozone Treatment available - by estimate

Let's get this thing wrapped up with a few things you need to know:

Cleaning time-typically rugs are a one week turn around, some rugs may require two weeks (rugs with repairs, pet urine or anti-microbial treatment from a water damage )

Minimum cleaning price-each rug has a minimum cleaning price of $20 each, which is not valid with discounts or other offers

Pick-up and delivery is available, our truck is in your area during the week days. Most minimums are $165 depending on your location. Enjoy our pick up and delivery video.

It's no lie, I promiseOur expert rug specialist are the best in the industry when it comes to cleaning, and problem solving-check out our 300+ 5 star reviews.

Are we the right fit for you?  Call us 844-208-0288 or better yet send us your info we will have an expert reach out to you quickly.

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PS The best part:

haul it yourself image.jpg


We are thrilled at the opportunity to add you to our long list of successful  rug cleaning and restoration success stories.

Happy rug cleaning!

Pet Urine Concerns?  Click here for more info.

Catch a video on these services:

A day of rug wash at HammondKnoll

Follow our pick up and delivery crew for a delivery

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*Discounts are not valid with other offers and are not applied to minimums.  

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