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How much to clean or repair my tile, grout and natural stone

Posted by Hammond Knoll on Jul 24, 2018 5:12:00 AM




One BILLION times we have been asked, "how much to clean my tile, grout or natural stone and can you solve my problem?"  Okay, maybe not a billion, but a lot...let's get those questions answered.

Understandably, most of our clients are trying to work with a budget and want to make sure their hard earned dollars get the best result. The challenge is that the number of options can make getting the right result a little confusing. Let’s see if we can’t highlight some of those variables without boring you with too many details at the same time.

So, here’s just some of the things we have to think about when pricing tile or stone cleaning services; like is it natural stone, ceramic, porcelain or stamped concrete? Has it been damaged by incorrect maintenance or installation in the past? Does it have a coating, has it been sealed, is it natural grout or synthetic? Is the surface smooth or does it have a textured surface that holds soiling? 

Are there any tile or stones that can’t be cleaned?  Absolutely, positively without a doubt all types of tile, natural stone and hard surfaces including ceramic tile, granite, marble, limestone, soapstone, sandstone, slate, cement and more can be cleaned. Grout as well-no problem-whether it’s sanded, non-sanded, epoxy, synthetic or color sealed.

Cost for cleaning-Despite all the variables, our years and years of experience combined with the thousands of jobs we have completed give us the ability to “ballpark” some basic costs;

Cleaning tile floors- $1.00 - $2.50 per square foot. Here’s a couple of pricing examples

An older home with porcelain tile in the entry, hall, nook, family room and kitchen that were 14 years old.  This floor was well used with 3 kids, 2 German Shepherds and 1 cockatoo, most of the areas were lightly soiled with the entry, hall and in front of the kitchen sink having heavier soiling.  This job was done in one day with like "new" results. The square footage of the five areas were 501 square feet, the cost was $1,252 for the entire cleaning.



A walk in shower stall of ceramic tile with 6 years of cleaning others, was in desperate need of a good solid cleaning itself. Mold and mildew were along the edges of the floor and wall. This job was done in 1 day, the cleaning cost was $650 plus the cost of the caulking and shower door polishing (we will get to that).

Shower Cleaning

Ceramic & Porcelain tile - $330 - $650

Natural Stone - $400 - 750

Natural Stone Cleaning

Cleaning slate, granite, marble, soapstone and other natural stone floors-$1.75-$3.00 per square foot

before after tile outdoors.jpg

A condominium that had a scheduled open house, when the homeowner moved the patio furniture they discovered the slate had discoloration on the corner as well as had discoloration along the edges against the concrete walls. In a rush this tile was able to be cleaned just in time for the open house (PS the condo had an offer by days end). 180 square feet, the cost was $540 for the entire cleaning.

Counter top cleaning

Ceramic & Porcelain tile $4.00 - $6.00 square foot

Natural Stone $6.00 - $8.00 square foot

How is it cleaned, you ask? There are many different methods for cleaning depending on the tile type and installation.

The starting point is a multi-step cleaning process using a high ph grease and soil-cutting enzyme to break down heavy soils. This is applied heated to start the soil breakdown process. Mechanical agitation may be used on areas needing heavy restoration, followed by using high-temperature rotary jet extraction equipment. Think of this like high temperature pressure washing that is completely contained. No over spray and all rinse water picked up and disposed of in a sanitary drain. This can be followed by a restorative mild acid rinse to remove iron staining and mineral deposits as needed.

The tile is given a final high pressure rinse to remove all residue and prepare it for sealing or coating.

Sealing or Coating- Here again there’s choices to be made and questions we ask like; Is the tile inside or outside? Would you like a natural look or would you like a deeper (enhanced color)? Are you looking to have a higher gloss or shine? Determining the answers to these questions help get the right result and the right price. That being said, here’s a range for sealing or coating tile surfaces;

Areas with ceramic tile- 50 cents -1.50 per square foot. 

Areas with natural stone- 75 cents - 2.00 per square foot


slate after polished.png

A very large home with slate throughout 80% of the house. This home was just purchased, prior to moving in, the customer had a concern; could we restore the color as the floor was dull and flat and lacked any sort of life. Her second concern was the cost of having to replace the entire floor. Cleaning and enhancing with sealer restored the life back in the slate. 4,500 square feet of slate $2,250 for the sealing plus the cost of tile repair and cleaning

Repair & Restoration- Chipped tiles? Cracked or missing grout? Mildewed caulking? We see it all the time, as a matter of fact 90% the jobs we do require some sort of magical repair. Scratched or etched natural stone such as marble, granite, limestone, slate and more, not to brag, but we are polishing experts.

Costs for repair-

A handful of examples to give you some ideal of cost to repair tile and stone.

Replacing 1 foot square tiles that have cracked-$100-$175 each tile.

Replacing grout by the foot-$10-14 per foot.

Re-dying grout that has discolored- $3.75-$10.00 per square foot.

Repairing chipped tile without replacing using epoxy fill $45-$75

Caulking $8-12 per lin ft

Polishing of marble, granite, travertine or other natural stones $20-$30 per square foot

Polishing of Corian $20-$30 per square foot

Shower door and fixture polishing-$10-15 per square foot

Tile cleaning/restoration $750 minimum


before after shower door-1.jpg

This shower door was in a home with a water well in the Gig Harbor area, between mineral deposits and soap scum besides replacement the customer was at a loss. The cost of the shower door was $250

It's no lie, I promiseOur tile and stone craftsmen are the best in the industry when it comes to restoring tile, stone and grout check out our 300+ 5 star reviews

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We are thrilled at the opportunity to add you to our long list of successful cleaning, sealing and restoration success stories.

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