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Floor Cleaning and More: Amazing Before-and-Afters

Posted by Hammond Knoll on Jan 12, 2021 4:00:00 AM

There are a lot of reasons professional floor cleaning is a necessity.

Your health, the safety and wellness of those in your office or home and maintaining a pleasant environment are all at stake.

But the floors aren’t the only areas of your business or home that need attention. 

There’s a wide variety of cleaning, repairing, maintenance and restoration tasks that Hammond Knoll can tackle for you.

And, as important as it is to keep your home or business well-maintained, the professional cleaning company you choose to work with matters, too.

Here are some amazing transformations that Hammond Knoll has done for our customers.

Shower Transformation

Not to brag (well, maybe a little), but we think our tile techs are the best in the industry.

Recently, we cleaned this poor soap-scummed, mildewed, so-sad shower.

A majority of the showers we restore have mineral deposits, soap scum and mildew, all three of which can add up to a very difficult shower to clean – without professional help.

And that’s what led the owners to call HK.

We did a hot-water extraction removal of the soap scum and mildewed caulking. We applied a grout colorant to the shower floor where the grout was permanently stained and applied new mildew-resistant caulking.

We turned this shower’s frown upside down.

Shower cleaning before and after, Hammond Knoll

Cabin Rescue

We don't just clean carpet, tile and area rugs. We’re what some might call the "Knoll-of-All-Trades."

This cabin (pictured below), located on the Nisqually Delta, had flooded. The logs of the cabin were penetrated with the delta silt that embedded into the cracks and crevices of the wood. 

Not good.

But, there’s always a way!

Being very cautious to not over-wet the wood and cause further damage, we used our specialized rotary-extraction cleaning equipment to rinse and flush the silt out of the logs while leaving them clean and dry.

Then, we vacuumed the dust and silt off of the wood and the floor and applied a top coat sealer to restore it back to its beautiful original condition.  

It's good to know "problem-solving" Knoll.

flooded cabin wood restoration, Hammond Knoll

Rug Rehab

Sometimes we show off and it pays big.

And sometimes we show off and it bites us in the @#$!

In this case, it was a bit of both.

This rug was our customer’s pride and joy. It’s a very expensive, hand-made silk rug – even the fringe is silk. In fact, she rarely displayed the rug for fear of it being damaged.

The one time she brought it out for her dinner party guests to see, someone reached across the table and knocked over a RED burning candle. (It’s never a white candle. 🤦)

This is where showing off bites us in the rump if you hadn’t guessed already. ☹

Devastated, our customer brought the rug into Hammond Knoll.

(Bet you know that this is where it’s really cool to show off? 😊)

We removed the wax and cleaned the rug, paying special attention to the delicate fringe. The rug is back to its original beautiful self.

Our customer – and Hammond Knoll – have bragging rights once again! YAY! 🎉

Wondering how much it’ll cost to clean YOUR area rug?  Check it out here. 


Damaged area rug before and after, Hammond Knoll

Tough Chair Choice?

Toss it? 😩

Recover it? Ouch! That could get expensive with eight dining room chairs. 😔

Restore it?  Hey, maybe that’s the ticket. 🤔

Yep, that is definitely the right choice! 😊

This well-used chair that matches the rest of the dining room set was dried out, cracked and faded. More so than the other chairs, causing a dilemma about which choice to make?

The BEST decision?  Call Knoll.

We filled in the cracks, conditioned the leather and recolored it to match the rest of the set.  

For a fraction of the cost of recovering or replacement,  the dining set was complete and ready for dinner ☺

Check out our very own how to care for your leather article here

Leather chair repair before and after, Hammond Knoll

Alt text: Before and after leather chair repair, Hammond Knoll

The Governor’s Rugs

HK is honored…

Rugs Hammond Knoll cleaned in the governor's mansion in Olympia, WA

We felt honored to be asked to clean this very large, 16’ x 23’ handmade rug, as well as a few others, in the Governor’s mansion in Olympia.

As you may or may not know, we typically clean rugs in our facility using one of many specialty cleaning processes. However, in this case, we sent our experts out to carefully clean these rugs while being cautious of the beautiful furnishings and hardwood floor underneath.

To say we feel pretty excited is an understatement!

A Success Story You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

before and after Hammond Knoll cleaned a burger restaurant's floors

This is the Burger Claim restaurant in Centralia. 

The kitchen floors were heavily soiled with grease.  As a matter of fact, the grout lines you see on the bottom left corner were actually grease. 😱 It was so packed with grease, there was very little grout in the lines.

A heavy-duty cleaning, a lot of scrubbing and re-grouting made this kitchen sparkle!

The owners were so happy they told our two technicians they could come in for FREE BURGERS FOR LIFE! 🍔

Seeing Spots?

Before and After Hammond Knoll cleaned cushions

Not any longer! 😂

This poor cushion had been used and abused by two kids, a dog, a cat and a canary. (Okay, not the canary. But the rest of the clan are guilty!)

These sofa cushions were cleaned in our facility using a multiple-step process to remove the dark spots. We followed that up with a fabric protection to shield it from any future spots and spills from the “clan.”

Upholstery can be cleaned either in the home or in our facility. (And we offer a pick-up and delivery service.)  

Thanks to HK, no more spots! YAY! 🙌 🎉

A Wrinkle Success Story

Before and after Hammond Knoll smoothed rug wrinkles

This carpet was fairly new, especially to the new homeowner– however, it had a couple unsafe and unsightly wrinkles in the center of the room.

All it took was one “savvy” carpet technician with mad stretching skills (not to mention his expert cleaning skills) to bring this carpet back to life.

YIPPIE for wrinkle-free carpet! 🎊👊

Tile Woes Be Gone


Before and after Hammond Knoll cleaned and regrouted dirty tile

We see A LOT of tile woes. 

Whether it’s a soap-scummed and mildewed shower, a scratched granite kitchen counter or one of multiple cracked floor tiles – we’ve seen it all.

These issues come from a couple of different situations, such as: 

  • A shower that is not properly maintained.
  • A granite counter that is not sealed properly and is etched (AKA scratched) from acidic juices or a bad installation.

In this case, the bathroom floor tile was not installed properly, and, over time, the tile and grout cracked – just from the weight of foot traffic.  

Our customer had two options: to have all the tile removed and replaced (which would have included the shower), or just replace the tiles that were cracked.

To save costs, she chose “replace the tiles.” Good for her! 

HK replaced the cracked tiles, grouted the new tiles, and re-grouted the rest of the tile floor.

No more tile woes in this bathroom! 🙌

A sad sun-fade story turned happy

Before and after Hammond Knoll dyed a cushion with sun fade

(In this image, the right cushion is ½ dyed – compared to the left one.)

Even though it’s gray and rainy approximately 152 days a year in the Seattle area (It’s true! ☔), SUNFADE happens.  Especially to homes that are facing west with large, expansive windows.

In this case, this spectacular home is facing west and gets lots of light and sunlight all year around.  

The wool sectional had sun fade on the tops of the cushions that were up against the window.  

Replacing this sectional was not an option, as it was very expensive. 

Recovering the back cushions was also not an option due to the fact that the fabric was discontinued. 😬

We offered to do a test color for FREE, showing her the results, which were awesome.

The color blended perfectly, and just like that, this sad sun-fade story turned happy.

No more worrying about covering up the windows to enjoy those 213 days of sunshine! 🌞

HK and the red carpet treatment…

If we told you that this carpet is 40 years old, would you believe us?

Yep, it’s 40 years old! The carpet came out of the LeMay Collections at MaryMount in Tacoma. (Not to be confused with the LeMay museum in downtown Tacoma. Same family, different location!)

The carpet was located upstairs in the sanctuary and then removed and brought into our facility for: 

  • Cleaning. 
  • Squaring up the ends and sides. 
  • Seaming two pieces together to turn it into a 41’ foot runner.  

Giving the LeMay MaryMount 40 more years of covered floors, this time around it is the rug's duty to protect the hardwood floor.

Side note: If you haven’t paid a visit to the LeMay Collections at the MaryMount, we think you may find it a fun family adventure.

LeMay Collections at Marymount – Northwest's largest automobile collection and more (lemaymarymount.org)

The story of the POPPED and CRACKED tile

This is the sad story of tile that was not properly installed when originally laid by the installer. 

Over a short period of time, the tile began to come loose, the grout chipped, and a couple of the tiles cracked right in half.

We see this frequently, sometimes due to using old or not properly mixed thinset, or occasionally, an installer may take the easy way out and not apply enough thinset. (shame, shame!)

Regardless, it can be as frustrating for a homeowner as it can be expensive to replace an entire floor, counter and/or shower due to improper installation.

That is where the HK Heroes come in. YAY!

Our fabulous crew removed the chipped tiles and the thinset and re-installed the new tiles. Then they applied new grout over the entire floor, leaving it looking brand new!!!

Don’t you just love a happy ending?

Transformation you can trust

From scummy showers to wood that’s worse for the wear – and nearly everything in-between – you need a trusted professional cleaning company that’s your go-to for regular maintenance, as well as the bigger, unexpected situations that come up.

Hammond Knoll’s got you covered.

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