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Custom Rug Ideas

Posted by Hammond Knoll on Sep 9, 2017 7:00:00 AM

Let your creative mind unleash…

 wild rug.jpg

Customizing very your own rug design can be fun, wild, playful and rewarding.

Are you a person that colors within the lines or are you the person that scribbles outside?

Regardless of how you color, you can be just as conservative or wild as you are in your coloring book, in creating a room that "POPS".  For those times it is hard to find a fit with standard size rugs or that over sized dining room table, you have many options to achieve that "pop".

With hard surface floors such as tile, natural stone, hardwood and luxury vinyl tile, fastly becoming the latest in home design trends, that leaves the room open for an area rug.

 hardwood family room

Although hard-surfaced floors are beautiful, we often hear a few complaints; one being the floors are cold, especially in the winter months. Secondly the echo or sound that carries through the room can be loud; thirdly being they don’t feel comfortable in bare feet anymore. Last but certainly not least a cozy, warm place for the kids to play on the floor.

There are endless amounts of options to enhance the beauty of any room using area rugs or textured and patterned carpet.


family rug


We thought it would be fun to share some of the ideas that our rug fabrication teams have helped to create or build off of your ideas.


FUN & SASSY-Texture-do you remember the shag carpet of the 70’s?


Well it’s back in full swing with even more “swag & shag”. Some fibers are thick, some are 3” long, some one color, some multi. Some fibers are wool, nylon or even leather (the image below is an actual leather area rug).

 leather rug


Textured carpets are perfect where the family gathers to watch a movie or play a game on the floor-a couple pillows and one could nap in the comfort.

Textured or shag carpet can come in a couple different forms; off of a 12’ roll of carpet or area rug which can be purchased from your local floor covering store.


 Thicker fibers combined with thin and two colors create texture

Textured carpet can easily be cut to any size and shape with an edging applied to keep it from unraveling. It can also be seamed together when a larger rug is needed.

When purchased off of a roll of carpet it can be cut and/or made to any size.


A maze of patterns-circles, diamonds, flowers, leopard print to name a few patterns that we see often.  The carpet can be ordered from your favorite carpet store and are most commonly made of nylon and wool. Have the carpet cut down into one or many rugs and the edges finished for a cool addition to any decor.

pattern 3-1.jpg

Just one example of a patterned rug

ELEGANT YET TRADITIONAL- area rugs can be cut down to any or odd sizes, or sewn together to make the rug larger (some hand-tied oriental rugs will not allow, depending on the pattern and style). The fringes or tassles as some people refer to them can be added or removed.

dining room rug-1.jpg


The rug below was cut out of a purchased area rug for an entry way:

 before rug cut round

Before Knoll


after rug cut in a circle

After Knoll

If the area or oriental rug is to large, often times (depending on the pattern of the rug) a section of the center of the rug can be taken out and sewn back together to make the rug shorter. Leaving you with a great little piece of carpet to have finished and used as a door mat.

Recently we did a job for a designer from Seattle that had four (yes, four)  8-8 x 12 Karastan rugs sewn together to make a large area rug for her client’s living room. 

karastan rug


Custom Border Rugs-are a creative way of pulling together accent colors from a room. A custom border rug is when two or more colors of carpet are sewn together, as an example; the center of the rug is the largest piece of carpet with strips of other carpet attached. The borders can be 1”, 3” or even 6” as shown in the example below:

custom border image.png


custom border rug


Leather or wide binding-when looking for a more contemporary look, a leather or cotton wide binding tape can be added to a flat woven carpet such as a sisal jute rug.


leather binding

Leather binding


wide binding 2-1.jpg

Wide cotton binding


Let’s put a “cap” on it-a standard size runner that is typically purchased is 8’ or 12’ long, some hallways especially in older homes are 15’ or even 20’ long. For this situation, some manufacturers make roll runners (a runner sold on a roll), the consumer can order as many feet as they need.


roll runner


The one downfall with continuous roll runners are that they don’t have finished ends. By ordering a bit of extra carpet-the border of the runner can be cut off and sewn on the ends leaving the runner with a finished look or if you prefer the ends not being capped, the ends can be secured with a binding, serging or fringe.

roll runner unfinished.jpg

                                             Unfinished roll runner


end cap cropped

                                             "Capped" roll runner

Runners can be also be made into stair runners, including landings and upper hallways.


stair runner on stairs


There are millions of assorted colors, styles and types of carpets and area rugs the options are endless but not not limitless…it just takes a bit of creativity on your behalf!

Need a little "design" help?  Check out Houzz for more ideas.

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