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Commercial Upholstery Cleaning: All About Cost

Posted by Hammond Knoll on Jun 26, 2020 10:00:00 AM

Editor’s note: This post was originally published on 5/11/18 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehension.

You paid a lot of money for the furniture in your office.

It should go without saying that sofas, chairs, and any other item of furniture in your workspace need to be cleaned regularly. 

Before and after office chair cleaning

Here’s an office chair we made look like new.

But the idea of how much it might cost may cause you to hesitate since there’s always a budget to think about.

Pricing upholstery cleaning depends on several factors – including the commercial cleaning company you work with.

Let’s dig a little deeper into figuring out furniture cleaning costs.

Factors in pricing commercial furniture cleaning services

What elements influence upholstery cleaning costs?

The elements that influence upholstery cleaning costs are:

  1. Fiber type.
  2. Process required.
  3. Damage level.
  4. Color.

Here are a few of the things we have to think about when pricing furniture cleaning.  

  • Fiber type. Whether the fabric is synthetic, silk or cotton will affect the cost to clean.
  • Kind of process. Some furniture responds better to a water process, while other upholstery needs a dry cleaning process that’s more delicate.
  • Level of damage. If the furniture has been affected by mildew, mold, smoke or pet urine, it may have an odor or unsightly stains. Of course, the more damage there is, the more intense the cleaning process will need to be.
  • Colors. Colors may run and damage the fabric if it isn’t color-safe.

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Making the right decisions about commercial upholstery cleaning costs

before and after couch cleaning costs

The results of cleaning a couch cushion

The big question is, “Should I have my office furniture cleaned or is it better to replace it?”

That question leads to another: Can all upholstery be cleaned?

Yes, all types of furniture upholstery can be cleaned.

But, the first step is for us, as your cleaning professionals, to understand your expectations, weigh that against how soiled/damaged the piece is, and evaluate the individual situation from there. 

We’ll be as straightforward as possible about your options and then you can make the call.

Calculating the cost to clean upholstery

Though there are some different factors in play, an experienced commercial cleaning company can estimate some of the more common costs.

When calculating upholstery cleaning costs, there are two main details to think about:

  1. The type of fabric.
  2. The size (or length) of the piece. (To get an accurate estimate, measure the piece of furniture from one outer-arm to the other.) For example, chair cleaning costs will be different than sofa cleaning or loveseat cleaning.

Here’s an example for a couch cleaning:

Synthetic fiber fabric with a nap or flat-weave typically costs around $25/linear foot. 

If the couch in your office is 7 feet (which is the standard size), here are the calculations:

7 x $25 = $175, either cleaned in your workspace or with pick-up and delivery.

Keep in mind that If you bring your furniture to us, we’ll knock 20% off. In this case, that would reduce your bill by $35.

Here are some additional upholstery fibers and how much it costs for cleaning:

  • Cotton, wool and velvet = $27 per linear foot
  • Silk, hand-painted delicate fabrics = $31 per linear foot (These fabrics are required to be cleaned in our facility due to the cleaning process and delicacy of the fabric.)
  • Chairs such as wingbacks, recliners, barrel chairs, etc. =  $75-$115, depending on the size
  • Conference room chairs or office chairs = $10-$75/each, depending on the number of chairs, the size of the chair, and amount and type of fabric 
  • Cushions and throw pillows = $10-$75/each, depending on the size (A standard sofa seat cushion is around $25.)

Your commercial upholstery cleaning company matters

Your office or workspace is probably filled with different types of furniture.

Whether it’s a sofa in the waiting room or the office chairs your employees use every day, calling on the services of the best commercial company to take care of your upholstery cleaning needs is a big deal.

It matters because you’re entrusting your significant investment to someone else. And choosing the wrong company could end up costing you more money if you have to pay for replacement pieces.

Work with an experienced commercial cleaning company and be confident that your office furniture will get a thorough cleaning without damage

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