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A Commercial Carpet Repair Company Is Your Wrinkle-Fixing (and MORE) Hero

Posted by Hammond Knoll on Apr 22, 2021 12:00:00 AM

If you manage a commercial space or you’re a business owner, you have a lot to think about.

One of the major tasks is keeping your floors clean and well-maintained.

Don’t get confused, though. Carpet cleaning and carpet maintenance aren’t exactly the same.

Taking good care of your floors isn’t always about cleaning the carpet. Sometimes, a repair is needed to improve the appearance, or more importantly, to keep someone from tripping. (You don’t want a lawsuit because someone bites it on your wrinkly, wavy, ripply carpet!)

Plus, it’s far less expensive to make a repair than to replace the entire carpet.

For certain issues, your best bet is to have a commercial carpet repair company stretch the carpet.

The reasons a carpet may need to be stretched or otherwise repaired vary. 

Here’s what you need to know about the problems and solutions.


If the floor in your office or commercial space looks like a Shar-Pei puppy...you need some help. 


This:  is cute.


But this: is NOT cute.


Some rooms may only have one or two wrinkles. Others may have lots.

There are several causes of wrinkly carpet.

1. Carpet that wasn’t installed correctly

Wrinkles can start to show up as soon as 1-2 years after it has been installed (incorrectly).  

So what’s considered “incorrect” when it comes to how your carpet was laid?

The carpet needs to be stretched tightly during the installation process. If it’s not: Welcome to Wrinkle City, Population: Your carpet.

But that’s not the only reason. They also need to secure the carpet to the edges of the room properly. (When this is the issue, you’ll usually see the wrinkling in the middle of the room.)

2. Heavy traffic

When your carpet is heavily traveled by customers, employees, passersby, etc., over time, the carpet backing relaxes and wrinkles in the high-traffic spots.

3. You skimped on the padding

We understand. Getting new carpet is expensive. Once you add the padding and the cost for installation, your bill is starting to climb.  

Padding is the spot where customers tend to try and save a buck (or lots of bucks.)

That’s a terrible idea and I bet you can figure out why. Cheap padding will deteriorate as time goes on. Before you know it, you’ve got wrinkles.

Pro Tip: Find the best padding for your office or commercial building’s carpet here.

4. Wheels

Without a plastic mat underneath, the wheels of hand-trucks, wheelchairs or office chairs will break down the backing of the carpet and cause wrinkles.

Fixing Wrinkles

Have a commercial carpet repair company (HammondKnoll 😉 😉 ) come to your business and stretch the carpet.  

You may think, “Hey, why wouldn’t I just call the business that installed my carpet?” 

That’s a good question, but the fact is, some installers will stretch existing carpet (that was already installed at another time), but it’s rare since they specialize in the installation of new carpet. 

In News-You-May-Not-Have-Known: After carpet is installed, it needs to be cleaned. This is one of the advantages of having a commercial carpet cleaning and repair company do the work! Often, this can be done on the same day. 

Did you know that stairs can get wrinkly, too? Yep, they can. The good news is that the carpet on stairs can be stretched, as well.

You’ll also need to consider this: If there are only a few wrinkles that need to be taken care of, your office furniture can usually be shifted around. However, if the whole office space needs to be stretched, you’ll have to move desks, filing cabinets, chairs, etc. allll out.

(I know, it’s a pain. But it’s worth it!)

Ripples or Waves

If you’re a surfer, the bigger the wave the better. 

But, if you’re a business owner and the waves are on the carpet? Tripping hazard! Lawsuit alert!


Plus, it really doesn’t look great to the people who work at or come into your business.

Those tiny wrinkles that you may be tempted to ignore can quickly turn into waves and ripples, as seen in the photo above.

Don’t let anyone experience a wipeout on your office carpet.

Getting Rid of Waves and Ripples

This situation also calls for a stretchy solution. (I.E. The carpet needs to be stretched. 😉 ) 

You may get lucky and have some extra carpet in doorways to other rooms. 

In this case, your commercial carpet repair team can cut the carpet, remove the excess, and then In some rare situations, when there is excess carpet up against doorways to additional rooms, the carpet will need to be cut, the extra carpet removed, and then the edges stitched back together.

There’s a lesson to be learned here: Take care of the original wrinkle right away so you won’t be looking at more expensive repairs.

Loose or Frayed Edges

One day you’re admiring your perfect carpet edges. Beautiful.

And then, BAM! Just like that, it’s frayed! (Or it’s pulling away from the wall like a bad prom date.) 


There are two reasons your carpet edges may become loose or fray.

Dragging furniture

Frequently moving furniture back and forth or wheeling office chairs across the transition from the floors will eventually cause the carpet to fray.

Improper installation

This can occur when the carpet isn’t installed correctly where it meets tile, hardwood or other floor types. (Incorrect = the carpet not being tucked in securely enough.)  

As heavy foot traffic (or furniture dragging) pounds back and forth over the carpet, it can come loose from the floor and catch on feet/furniture, which causes fiber loss and the carpet to curl in the doorway. Some situations warrant some type of a transition to be installed to protect the carpet and the edge of the floor.

The Fix for Frayed or Loose Edges

Whatever the cause was, 95% of the time, the carpet can be fixed. (We’ll talk about the other 5% in a sec.)  

If there isn’t too much damage (like the photo above), the carpet can be stretched and then retucked. A commercial carpet repair technician can usually get the carpet to stretch about 1-3”, though this depends on how the carpet was installed and where it’s located.

We haven’t forgotten about you 5%-ers. If a large section of the carpet is frayed or missing, it may be possible to patch it with a piece from a closet or leftover carpet from the original installation.

Unfortunately, if this isn’t possible, replacing the carpet is your only choice.


Sadly, these are not the fun kind of bubbles like in a nice hot bath! 

These bubbles are in your office carpet. As you can see in the image below, they look like little balloons.

There’s one reason that these types of bubbles will pop up in your carpet: Using spot cleaners or solvents – either too much or too frequently – to get rid of stubborn carpet stains. 

These products delaminate the glue that holds the backing and the carpet together. The areas where the spotter was used will bubble as the carpet separates from the backing.  

We fix a lot of bubbles in carpet due to janitorial services who are famous for using spot cleaning chemicals incorrectly. 

The Bubble Solution

(Not THAT kind of bubble solution.)

Rarely, the bubbles can be removed by stretching the carpet in all directions.

Usually, though, the carpet will have to be glued to the backing again. The method is to inject a carpet glue into the bubble and This can be done by injecting a carpet adhesive into the bubble and pressing it down while it dries.  

Both of these procedures require the skill of a commercial carpet repair company, otherwise, you could end up in a very sticky situation.

Trust Commercial Carpet Repair Professionals

There you have it. The more quickly you take care of carpet issues, whether it’s a bubble, wrinkle, ripple or a huge wave, the better luck you’ll have repairing your carpet and avoiding expensive replacement costs.

As a business owner or office/building manager, it’s natural to want to handle as many repair projects as you can on your own to save money. Unfortunately, these types of carpet situations are not DIY-able. Let a commercial carpet repair professional handle the job.

At Hammond Knoll, we’d love to help you keep your commercial space looking great AND preventing any accidents that could result from waves and wrinkles.

We’ll give you a free quote, too!

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