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4 Reasons to Choose a Commercial Cleaning Company Over a Janitorial Service

Posted by Hammond Knoll on Jul 14, 2021 12:00:00 AM

Why You Should Use a Commercial Cleaning Company Instead of a Janitorial Service

  1. Training isn’t up to snuff
  2. The turnover rate is high
  3. Quality assurance is lacking
  4. Communication is minimal

First of all, we don’t want to knock janitors.

They have a tough job and many of them do it well.

But if you’re a building manager or a business owner, you have to consider a few ways in which your janitorial services, in general, may not be doing the trick.

There are five reasons that you should hire a commercial cleaning company to handle the job for your business or commercial building instead.

Commercial Cleaning Company > Janitorial Service

Training Isn’t Up to Snuff

One of the major issues that comes up when you’re dissatisfied with your janitorial services can be linked back to a lack of adequate training.

To offer an excellent level of service, you need to have excellent employees. And guess what excellent employees need? 

Excellent training. 

(Disclaimer: Apologies for the over-use of the word, “excellent,” but using it a lot is the most excellent way to get our point across.)

When you work with the right commercial cleaning company, you can be sure that you’re going to have technicians working in your space that have been trained in the best methods for cleaning:

  • your carpets.
  • upholstery.
  • drapery.
  • leather furniture.
  • tile and grout.
  • hardwood floors.
  • and more!

The Turnover Rate Is High

Your initial reaction may be, “Who cares if my janitorial service goes through employees like a revolving door? What does that have to do with my business?”

Unfortunately, it DOES matter. Check out the reasons:

  • Quality suffers.
  • Incomplete tasks that were started by one person and not finished when that person leaves.
  • It’s hard to build relationships and trust when the janitors coming in and out are always changing.
  • People who don’t stick around long tend to not care about the kind of job they do. And that includes playing fast and loose with your property.
  • Continually granting access to your business to new people raises security concerns. 
  • Constant turnover is expensive for the janitorial service and guess who the cost gets passed on to? Yep, YOU, the customer. 

In general, there are a few reasons that a company may have a high rate of turnover. It could go back to the inadequate training like we already discussed. Or it could be due to a lack of screening of prospective hires, poor management, or low pay with sparse or no benefits.

Quality Assurance Is Lacking

A company doesn’t just stumble into great service.

It’s the result of quality control and accountability. 

A reputable commercial cleaning company will perform inspections on all parts of the process to ensure that each person is fulfilling their role and producing good results.

Without these checks and balances in place, quality suffers and that trickles down to the cleanliness and safety of your office. 

Communication Is Minimal

Communication probably isn’t the first thing you think of when considering how well your janitorial service is working out. 

But the truth is, it’s actually one of the most important things. 

A company can have the best equipment and fabulous products, but if they don’t know how to communicate, things will go downhill pretty quickly.

Inevitably, things get missed, a job is performed differently than you’d like it to be, etc.

That goes for communication between you and the service, as well as between the service and its employees.

A great commercial cleaning company will regularly ask you for feedback, address problems head-on so they can be resolved quickly, and they’ll put your satisfaction at the forefront.

You Can Trust a Commercial Cleaning Company

If you have experienced one or more of these frustrating situations with your janitorial service, it may be time to look into working with a commercial cleaning company that you can put your trust in.

One that takes training employees seriously, makes employees want to stay, has quality assurance steps in place, and one that understands the value of communication for excellent customer service.

Sounds like Hammond Knoll! Give us a call and let’s talk about how we can help, including our Stay Beautiful program.

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