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BigFoot, the Loch Ness Monster, and Carpet Cleaning Have THIS in Common: 9 Myths

Posted by Hammond Knoll on Oct 12, 2021 10:30:00 AM

9 Carpet Cleaning Myths

  1. Vacuuming is all you need.
  2. Carpet cleaning methods are created equal.
  3. Any carpet cleaning company will do.
  4. Wait as long as you can.
  5. Only dirty carpets need to be cleaned.
  6. You can DIY it.
  7. Price is all that matters.
  8. Only the most expensive company is good enough.
  9. References? I can’t ask for those.

What do the Loch Ness Monster, BigFoot, and carpet cleaning have in common?

Myths are surrounding them.

Though, carpet cleaning myths should be taken a little more seriously than the Loch Ness Monster or BigFoot.


To get the most value out of your carpet by giving it a long life, stay healthy by getting rid of harmful bacteria, and keep your home looking and smelling great.

Let’s start busting carpet cleaning myths right now. It’s truth time.

1. Vacuuming is all you need.

Yes, vacuuming does pick up hair, dirt, dust, and all manner of random debris.

But it doesn’t do anything for stains. And it won’t get rid of odors.

A professional carpet cleaning company can take care of the stains and the smells. They can also get rid of that random debris much more thoroughly than your vacuum can.

2. Carpet cleaning methods are created equal.

There are lots of different methods for cleaning your carpets and they all differ.

Have a look:

  • Dry-Foam: With this method, the carpet is first shampooed. Once it has dried, the shampoo is extracted. (Hint: This isn’t the best method!) 
  • Dry-Chem: For this method, special equipment is used to absorb the dirt from the carpet. (Another hint: This isn’t very effective!)
  • Dry-Compound: First, a mixture is sprayed on your carpet. Next, it gets rubbed in with a brush. Once it’s all dry, it gets vacuumed. (Hint #3: Also a disappointing method!)
  • Steam Cleaning: Ding-ding! THIS is the most effective carpet cleaning method. It can get those deep-down, set-in stains and odors, plus bacteria, too.

3. Any carpet cleaning company will do.

By now you’re catching on. Another carpet cleaning myth.

Since we just talked about the different methods of carpet cleaning and how effective (or not) they are, you can figure out that a company that uses dry cleaning methods isn’t going to get you the clean you’re looking for.

Choose wisely!

4. Wait as long as you can.

Think you’re saving money by putting off having your carpets cleaned?

Nope. The truth is, regular maintenance (ie cleaning by a reputable carpet cleaning company) will help your carpet last longer.

You save money on replacement costs. And the bonus is that your floors always look great, too.

5. Only dirty carpets need to be cleaned.

This myth goes along with the previous one.

Yes, of course, dirty carpets do need to be cleaned. But sometimes a dirty carpet doesn’t look dirty.

In fact, did you know that by the time you notice a stain, it may be too late?

You can’t see the hidden dirt and bacteria that have been collecting down there. Get on a regular schedule of having your carpets cleaned by the pros, whether your floors “look” dirty or not.

6. You can DIY it.

You can paint your living room if you’d rather not call a professional painter.

You can learn to change the oil in your vehicle if you don’t want to use a mechanic.

But when it comes to carpet cleaning, you don’t want to do it yourself.

The right equipment is crucial, as is the skill to use that equipment.

Professional technicians are trained and most have years of experience. They know what equipment is best for your carpet, as well as the types of cleaners that will be most effective.

Bottom line: They know their business. Trust them!

7. Price is all that matters.

If you’re like most people, you’re tempted to go with the carpet cleaning company that is the cheapest.

Don’t make this mistake.

You may find that your floors are damaged and you’ll be looking at hefty costs for repair or replacement.

Look for a company that offers a quality service for a reasonable price.

8. Only the most expensive company is good enough.

On the flip side, some people assume the most expensive carpet cleaning company is the best.

Guess what? Yep, that’s a myth.

If a company’s prices are far out of the norm, you likely won’t be getting what you’re paying for.

References and reviews are your best friends. Use both to make your decision.

9. References? I can’t ask for that.

That brings us to the next carpet cleaning myth.

You most certainly can – and should – ask for references before hiring a carpet cleaning company.

If a business won’t show you their references, that’s a big red flag. Any company should be happy to show off their great reviews and share their reputation.

The carpet cleaning myths are busted

Now that you will no longer be taken in by these nine carpet cleaning myths, you’re ready to find the company that’s just right for you.

*Wink, wink*

Your friends at Hammond Knoll are ready to help! We’ll give you a free quote or even a demo. Just click the link below!


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