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Beware! 5 Problems With Using the Wrong In-Home Cleaning Process

Posted by Hammond Knoll on Feb 21, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Cleaning carpet should be simple right?

All it takes is a little water, a bit of cleaning solution and some sort of machine that will magically clean the carpet.

Not so much.

Carpet alone is expensive. Once you add the cost of the pad and installation, it becomes an investment you don’t want to have to replace for a really long time – if ever.

Following the right in-home cleaning process from the start is one of the surest ways to preserve the longevity of your carpet.

When the wrong process is used to clean the carpet, there are a number of damaging things that can occur.

We’ve narrowed it down to the top five for you.

1. Over-wetting the carpet

This can be the result of using a cleaning machine that doesn’t have enough vacuum suction to remove all the moisture from the fibers.

When the carpet is left soaking wet for more than 24 hours, you’re looking at major damage such as:

  • Mold growth that can cause major health issues.

  • Wrinkling and buckling from the delamination on the backing of the carpet being wet.

2. Carpet gets dirtier quicker

One of the reasons you may be resistant to professional carpet cleaning is because you’ve heard the myth that your floors will actually get dirtier quicker.

This CAN be true – if the cleaning isn’t done correctly.

The carpet can act as a magnetic dirt filter when the cleaning solution isn’t completely rinsed out of the carpet area.

The leftover detergent is sticky and attracts dirt and pollution from the air, shoes and even bare feet.

Keep in mind that this can happen whether you’re using a machine or doing a spot-clean.

3. Damaged fibers

Two processes can cause fuzzing, matting and wear of carpet fiber.  

  • Not removing all of the soil out of the carpet. If dirt is not rinsed and extracted out of the carpet, it acts as sandpaper as we walk across the floor each day, breaking down the fibers.  

  • Using the wrong cleaning equipment for the type of carpet. For example, if you have a looped carpet and a heavy shampooer is used, it will untwist fibers causing damage to the texture.  

4. Wrong solution for your in-home cleaning process

An untrained professional technician using the wrong solution can cause major damage.  

When a solvent cleaner is used to remove oil or grease, it’s important to use the right amount and to remove it quickly.

If it’s not immediately extracted or too much solution is used, it will eat the back of the carpet, causing a bubble.

This is where a “non-professional” can get into trouble if they’re not trained properly.

Unfortunately, it happens more frequently than homeowners realize.

5. Discoloration

A do-it-yourself, over-the-counter spot-cleaning solution – or, once again, an untrained technician that mixes or uses the wrong cleaner – can cause discoloration.  

Bleaching agents are frequently used in store-bought spotters that are commonly used for in-home cleaning processes.

When used, they either bleach the carpet instantly or remove the stain temporarily until it’s cleaned in the future with water, which activates the bleaching agents, leaving you with a lighter spot than the rest of the carpet.  

On rare occasions, when two spotters (aka chemicals) are mixed together by the untrained unprofessional, the fibers have a reaction and can turn carpets blue, green or red.

It’s really quite the conundrum.

Doing a bit of homework to find a trusted professional from the get-go will save you time, money and extend the life of your beautiful investment.  

Final thoughts

When in doubt about the right cleaner or the right in-home cleaning process for your type of carpet, contact the manufacturer of the product or the floor covering store where you purchased your carpet.  

If you don’t know either, call three local reputable floor stores and ask for recommendations.

We hope you have not experienced the top 5, but if you have, we would like to hear how you remedied the problem.


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