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The 5 Benefits of a Clean Office Every Business Should Know

Posted by Hammond Knoll on Jul 3, 2018 7:00:00 AM


Editor’s note: This post was originally published on 7/24/17 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehension.

There are many things that can hinder a business.

Staying on top of everything seems overwhelming and daunting, especially with a growing list of tasks that need to be done.  

One of the basics – but most important – is keeping your office clean.

Often, business owners or building managers are either too busy or it’s not a pressing issue.

Until they realize – usually too late – the problems it can cause for both employees and customers.

Understanding the benefits of a clean office can encourage everyone from CEOs to interns to be proactive about caring for their shared space.

Cleanliness counts

Keeping a tidy and hygienic office or building has physical advantages as well as mental ones.

Check out the five biggest benefits of a clean office.

1. It reduces stress.

Walking into a cluttered office or workspace can cause an overwhelming feeling of anxiety.

A clean environment will maintain the mental well-being of you and your coworkers.

2.  It saves time.

You’ve heard the saying "Time is money.”

An unkempt workspace equals a scattered mind.

Spending a big chunk of time clearing a messy, cluttered desk (or office) is wasted time and energy.  

Keeping an office clean at all times will increase productivity and help everyone stay focused.

It will also make it easier for employees to carry out more important tasks that will benefit the business.

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3.  It improves mental health

Constantly looking at soiled upholstery, tile or carpet in workspaces, entryways or restrooms can leave everyone in the workspace feeling generally unclean.  

Clean upholstery and floors can help staff feel happier, more relaxed, better able to focus and more satisfied.

The bottom line is that a clean work environment is a happy work environment.

4.  It improves physical health

An unsanitary environment is ripe for spawning nefarious germs, dangerous bacteria and monstrous irritants.

These harmful substances may cause an employee to suffer from illness more frequently, meaning they’re missing work and using up sick days.

An investment of time and expense in cleanliness is less costly than missed days and paid leave.

5.  It makes a good first impression

When it comes to attracting customers and business in general, appearances definitely matter.

Unclean, cluttered, soiled, messy areas are a negative for potential new hires and customers or clients.  

A clean, well-organized environment shows a customer or potential employee that the company is trustworthy and professional.

And isn't growing a business all about building trust?

Undeniable perks

Now that you understand how good it is for everyone to work in a clean environment, you can think about the best way to manage it.

Hiring a trusted commercial cleaning service to come in and clean on a regular basis takes the stress out of trying to remember to schedule it each month, week, etc.

Our “Stay Beautiful” program is the perfect solution.

This hassle-free maintenance program will help you keep your commercial flooring looking great  – year-round.

It can include these floor-cleaning services:

  • Carpet cleaning and repair.
  • Upholstery, leather, divider panel cleaning.
  • Tile, grout and natural stone cleaning and restoration.
  • Vinyl and VCT cleaning.
  • Area rug and oriental rug cleaning and fabrication.  

And when productivity is up and the workplace environment is calm, everyone benefits – mentally and physically.

What’s your biggest hurdle to keeping your office building clean?

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