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6 Ways to Start 2018 Fresh

Posted by Hammond Knoll on Jan 1, 2018 7:18:00 AM


How to Start the New Year Fresh

1. Put away the holiday decorations in a timely manner

2. Look over your New Year's Resolution list

3. Focus on organization

4. Relax more

5. Clean your home

6. Reflect over the past year

Now that the holiday season has come to an end and all the festivities are over, you're left with a new year, lucky you!

We thought you would enjoy the top six recommendations on how to start the new year out just right, and we are sharing because we are super excited that we can help you with one of the top six.

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1. Put away the holiday decorations in a timely manner. When the holiday festivities are over, the decorations, ornaments and other festive trappings can be popped back into their boxes and bags. If you leave this too long, it can feel like a chore and can also have the effect of holding you back from moving into the next experiences. 


2. Look over your New Year's Resolution list. Write the list out on a planner, chart or calendar where you can make notes. In order to get your resolutions underway, it's probable that you'll need to do some planning and organizing, and perhaps even some purchasing. It helps your focus to make notes and lists to direct your efforts in starting new habits.


3. Focus on organization. If you're already wonderfully organized, skip this step. But many people aren't and this can inhibit feeling like the new year is a fresh start.  Clean up piles of papers, books on the floor and desk.  Most people do not enjoy cleaning, think of it like a Zen  experience, or think of it as exercise to improve your mood.


4. Relax more. If you're not in the habit of relaxing, start the new year with a resolution to add this important activity (or lack of activity) to your life from now on.  A massage, bubble bath with some bubbly, reading a book for an hour on a Saturday.


5. Clean your floors. Clean makes us feel good, carpet, upholstery, area rugs, tile, grout and stone enhances the beauty of our homes, leaving us healthy, proud, stress free and time to do number four.


6. Reflect over the past year. Think about things you'd like to do better this year, new things you'd like to try, people you'd like to make amends with or start over with. Have you achieved the things you wanted to in the past year? What specific things would you like to change or redirect? Asking yourself questions about progress, change and where you want to be right now can help to keep your perspective fresh, giving you new motivation to make this year a more fulfilling one.

Now back to number four...that is where we help you start out fresh for 2018...

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Cheers to a fresh new you in a fresh new year!

Wishing you and yours an amazing 2018.

 From your family at HammondKnoll


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