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6 Ways to Build an Amazing Real Estate Referral Base

Posted by Hammond Knoll on Jul 17, 2018 9:40:00 AM

Imagine this scenario.

Ten years ago, you sold a home to Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Now, they’ve called you because they’re ready to sell.

According to the National Association of Realtors study – last done in 2016 – the average amount of time a homeowner keeps their house is 10 years.

What if you could get at least one referral from each client you sold a home to or for?

That would stack up to a whole lotta homes.

Here are some ways to build a real estate referral base from every sale.


1. Think about the floors

It may sound silly, but make sure the carpets and other flooring are in tip-top condition for your clients to move in.

Consider having the floors professionally cleaned before the new owners show up to move into their home.

It’s a nice touch that will stick in the minds of your clients and show them that you’re willing to go the extra mile for their satisfaction.

When they’re ready to sell again – or when their friends and family are – they’ll come to you or refer you.


2. Show up when they’re moving in

Bring over a bottle of wine, a plant for their new yard or a piece of wall-art native to the town they live in.

It’ll go a long way with your clients.

During the conversation, let them know they can contact you for local recommendations, like contractors or floor, carpet, or area rug cleaning.

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3. Motivate clients with referral rewards

Rewarding your clients with cash cards, restaurant gift cards – or even a fun, silly gift – allows you to show your appreciation.

Receiving a thank you leaves a good impression on your client – landing you more referrals.


4. Keep in touch

Remembering birthdays, holidays or closing-date anniversaries with a card will keep your name in your client’s mind.

This personal touch will go a long way in building a real estate referral base.


5. Offer guidance 

Make note of the client’s concerns.

It could be a problem that they mentioned prior to the purchase of the home or something that turned up during the inspection.  

For example, if the carpets needed to be cleaned, have the name of a reliable carpet cleaning company already in place to refer them to.  

Better yet, offer to call the company and have them reach out to your client, saving them time.


6. Provide ongoing content to your past clients

After you have worked with a client, send them helpful information on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis (the more frequently the better).  

Send them useful content like an article about winterizing their new home or ways to clean and care for their carpet and other flooring.   

In your content, always remind them of and include information about your referral program.

Being a resource builds your real estate referral base

Becoming the most helpful, go-to agent will be a big win for you during the ups and downs of real-estate.

It can turn your clients into referral machines – then the referral machines into more referral machines – leading you to a rewarding and successful career.

Do have other tried-and-true methods of building your real estate referral base?

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