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5 Shocking Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Area Rug

Posted by Hammond Knoll on Aug 7, 2017 8:00:00 AM

It's down-right
what lives in your rugs


Rodent Feces,  Cat Urine, Mold, Dust Mites and Bacteria 
All once lived in thiis rug, YUK

We love to share the story of what started out to be the most disgusting rug in HammondKnoll history into a heart warming, happy, clean ending.

It was one of those typical dark rainy days in February, (the kind where you walk from the parking lot and by the time you get to the front door you get drenched), the front door swings open with a customer in her mid 40's, dragging a big black trash bag.

In the bag was an odor so pungent it filled the room with it's sour smell. The rug had dried rodent feces, cat urine, mold, dirt, oil and not car oil but a smelly fish type, the word gross doesn't even cut it.

Come to find out this rug was the only thing salvageable out of her Mom's home, her mother was a Hoarder in the worst way. Our customer (who we won't name), had lost her mother a month prior, after not seeing her Mom in quite a while she was heartbroken.

A challenge to clean the rug, yes it was.  It took 2 weeks to remove the odor alone and although some of the stain still remained on the back of the rug it turned out spectacular.

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Tears of joy were shed when our customer came to pick up the rug, she was so happy to have one little piece of memory from when she was a child spending time on that very same rug with her Mom.

Now, we are sure your rug(s) aren't quite that extreme, however, here are the 5 reasons you should have your rug cleaned:

1. Hygiene & Health-rugs act as a filter that collect dust, dirt particles, and germs that can actually grow mold spores and allergens, and in some cases can be reservoirs of bacteria or viruses – so cleaning them serves an important health function.


2. Allergies-dust mites are insects that thrive on mattresses, furniture, rugs, carpets and other fabric. They feed on skin flakes shed by people and pets every day, thriving in warm, humid environments. Their presence is associated with reduced respiratory health, triggering asthma and other allergy related attacks.

Image result for dust mites on rugs what are they

3. Enhances the beauty-removing dirt, spots, spills and stains will brighten the fiber and give life back to the rug

Image result for images before after area rug cleaning

4. Extends the life of the rug-dirt, sand, and grit act as sand paper to rug fibers as you walk over the rug the "sandpaper" causes wearing and discoloration of the fibers, dramatically reducing the years of potential use.

Image result for image of worn carpet fiber

5. Clean=happy-a clean rug, car, sheets and shoes are just a few things that make our hearts happy!

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How often should your rugs be cleaned?  Every 1-3 years depending on how much traffic they get on a daily basis, as an example a rug in a living room that is only used for special occasions, every three years to remove dust particles and light soiling.  A rug in a kitchen or family room one time per year, some kitchen rugs may get dirty quicker and require cleaning more frequently than that.

It's good to know Knoll for:

  • In-home and business carpet cleaning and repair
  • Area and oriental rug cleaning and repair
  • Upholstery and leather cleaning and restoration
  • Tile, grout and natural stone cleaning and restoration
  • Carpet binding, serging, fringing and custom rug fabrication
  • Hardwood cleaning

Enjoy a sneak peak of a day of rug wash at HammondKnoll

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