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3 of the top commercial carpet issues

Posted by Hammond Knoll on Mar 20, 2018 2:57:22 PM

The top three commercial carpeting issues we address every day are:

#1 Permanent stains-ink and toner are the top two in business




#2 Wrinkled carpet-most commonly in the high traffic areas, or under the wheels of an office chair


wrinkled carpet


#3 Bleach stains-typically caused by janitorial services using the incorrect spotter for carpet that contains bleach




The question of the hour...replace it or fix it?

Fix it, save the company money by avoiding replacement costs, not to mention the inconvenience of disrupting business and moving the office furniture and fixtures out of the way.


Permanent Stains sometimes all the magic tricks in the world cannot magically remove stains out of carpet. There is one trick to make a stain disappear, removing a square piece of carpet around the stain and replacing it with the same carpet used from an extra piece that is available, a closet or hidden area. The stained piece or another piece of similar carpet can be installed in the area that the carpet was "borrowed" from. The industry term for this is "sectioning".


carpet cutting image


Wrinkles can be removed (well maybe not all wrinkles hence the dog below), stretching of carpet can remove wrinkles in walk ways. Bubbles in carpet can be repaired using a professional technique.



wrinkles two


Bleach stain a majority of the time carpet can be re-dyed back to an almost perfect color match. Depending on the age of the carpet, fiber and bleaching agent that was used on the carpet will determine if the fiber will accept the dye. When all else fails a sectioning of the carpet can be done as noted above.


bleach stains carpet


With every problem comes a solution.



It's good to know Knoll:

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  • Upholstery, leather and fabric panel cleaning
  • Area and Oriental rug cleaning and repair
  • Tile, grout, natural stone cleaning and restoration
  • Hardwood and vinyl floor cleaning
  • Custom rug creation and carpet edging

Got a carpet problem?  No worries, you've got Knoll

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It's Good to Know Knoll.

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