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The 5 Benefits of a Clean Office That Every Business Owner Should Know

Posted by Hammond Knoll on Jul 24, 2017 7:00:00 AM



There are many things that can hinder a business, at times it seems overwhelming and daunting with a growing list of tasks that need to be done.  One of the basics and unforgotten, but most important is 'cleanliness'. Often times business owners are either too busy or it is not a pressing issue, until they realize too late the problems it can cause for both employees and customers.

Here are the 5 benefits to a clean business:

1. Reduce stress-walking into a cluttered office or work space can cause an overwhelming feeling, which leads to stress.  A clean environment will keep you organized, and is an important aspect to consider to improve or maintain the well-being of staff members.

2. Saves time-you know the old saying "time is money". Worrying about or taking a few minutes clearing a cluttered desk or office is wasted time and energy.  Keeping an office clean at all times will increase productivity, help stay focused and carry out more important tasks that will benefit the business.

3.  Improves mental health-viewing soiled upholstery, tile or carpet in work spaces, entry ways or restrooms can cause stress, anxiety and a sense of feeling "un-clean".  Clean upholstery or floors can help staff feel happier, be more relaxed, focused and satisfied = happy work environment.

4.  Improves physical health-Working in an unsanitary environment, has been proven to be a producer of nefarious germs, dangerous bacteria and monstrous irritants. These hosts of harmful substances may cause an employee to suffer from several illnesses on a regular basis which will cause the use of sick days and missed work.  An investment of time and expense in cleanliness can save far more than the costs for time missed due to illness and paid leave.

5.  First good impression-when it comes to making business, appearances definitely matter. Unsanitary, cluttered, soiled messy areas are a negative for potential new hires and customers or clients.  A clean, well organized environment shows a customer or potential employee that the company is trustworthy and professional, after all, isn't growing a business all about building trust?

Got your attention?

Awesome, we are at the best part; STAY BEAUTIFUL all year around! 

Exclusive for our business partners finally a plan to keep up appearances while providing a healthy work environment, plus make an amazing first impression on potential employees, customers and/or clients.  

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Have a happy clean day!



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