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Benefits Of A Commercial Cleaning Program Maintenance Contract | Hammond Knoll Tacoma & Bellevue WA

Posted by Hammond Knoll on Aug 24, 2017 11:08:23 AM

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The importance of commercial cleaning is often underestimated. Dirty office spaces can have a bigger impact on companies and their employees than most people realize. A successful business has to consider not just the appearance of their building, but also how features like carpeting, rugs, tile, leather and upholstery can affect the health of employees and customers. The following are different ways you probably didn't know about, that services like this can benefit your business.
Increased Productivity

Nothing is more encouraging than an employer that is passionate about their own business. Employees work harder when they know their workplace is cared about. A dirty office takes away employee motivation by creating an uncomfortable work area. By hiring a professional commercial cleaning company, business owners are showing their pride in the work place environment.

Increased Customers

Let's face it, appearances matter when it comes to attracting and keeping customers. Even if your products are amazing, if the business looks or smells bad, customers will be deterred. Keeping the office clean will help make the business beautiful so that customers will stay a little longer and spend more money while they are there.

iStock_000011241303_Double.jpgLess Employee Sick Time

Dirty surfaces in the workplace make people sick, encouraging fever, headaches and colds. They trap dust and bacteria and increase the time off that your employees use for sick days. Dust mites and many allergens get embedded deep in to carpets, rugs, upholstery and tile, and the only way to get them really clean is with a commercial cleaning company.

Better Advertising in the Community

The smell and appearance of an office or business says a lot to the members of a community. Word of mouth advertising is known to be one of the best forms of getting people to know about what your business does and how they do it.

Continued cleanliness and appearance of a business speaks volumes about the quality of work or service done there. Not only do customers spread word of mouth references, other businesses do to.

Save Money

It is more cost effective to hire a professional commercial cleaning company. Companies who try to do it themselves will end up spending more time and money overall then if they just hired someone to do it. If the cost of paying the wages of an employee are factored in as well, the overall cost is much higher than the fee of a professional commercial cleaning. The more money is saved, the less overhead expenses a company has. This savings over time can be in turned passed on to customers in discounts.

A clean office matters for businesses to stay successful. Call today to learn more about Hammond Knoll's Commercial Cleaning Program Maintenance Contract.

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